Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Karate Kid

Chase started karate this year, and he LOVES it! It is so cute and it makes me want to explode with pride. Here is a picture from his first tournament. He is normally pretty shy, but he got up in front of a room of about 200 people and did his 'Star Block Set'. He is the best. kid. ever.

When all else fails.....

Bribe us! That's my son's new motto. He is, as I assume most kids are, always bummed when it's bath time. It takes forever to get him in, and even longer to get out. Tonight, I overheard a conversation that made me laugh out loud.....

Wes: "Okay buddy...time to take a bath."


Chase: "Hooowwww abboouuuuttttt......" (pulls wallet out of back pocket) "I give you five dooollllarrsss....." (pulls a five out of his wallet and waves it around) "and I don't have to take a baaaaaath....??"

Wes didn't take the bait. Guess we're not that hard up for cash!! Nice try though!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My biggest issue....

In an internet full of 'who said what' and 'who said it was true' and 'who said it was false', I found this directly from Obama's website. I have remained objective...trying to whole heartedly see both sides. As an elementary school teacher, these few paragraphs solidified my vote in this election.

Click Here. Wow. Compare it to this? No thank you!

Obama - Biden