Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spoiled rotten Christmas!

Merry Christmas! technically today is New Year's Eve, but it's never too late to blog about Christmas, right? We have had an amazing week and a half at home! I have two NICE LONG weeks off from work and sometimes I even forget that I even have a classroom waiting for me to go back to next week! It's been so nice to just rest and relax and have a little FUN! Chase and I have stayed in our pj's until pm hours and and stayed up waaayyy too late! We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom's and everyone was very nice. :) Christmas day was shared with the in-laws, Chase's dad, and playing games with friends. Chase got everything he asked for from Santa and then some. Wes and I felt a twinge of sadness while we were putting out his presents, knowing that it wouldn't take many more Christmases before the magic of Santa is gone. Hopefully by then there will be another little person around to play Santa for and Chase can even be in on the game. :)

So I made it through another Christmas! Everyone I love is happy and healthy and I could not ask for more than that. My dad's physical absence was not as present as it's been in the past, and I think we're all finding our new normal without him. Remembering him in the silly things he used to say or do, and sharing our laughs and smiles when one of us remembers a funny story from the past. Now even though I had a great Christmas, I was still ready to the S%&T out of here as soon as the holiday was over! Now my house is back to normal. Rooms are cleaned and organized and new toys and clothes are put away. All the laundry is done and supplies have been gathered for the BEST party of the year! We are having a New Year's Eve party here in our garage! All of our friends are coming and Heather and I have been in planning mode for a few weeks now. My masks came yesterday and they are going to put the finishing touches on our Masquerade themed bash! I can't wait to ring in the new year with my friends tonight and I'll be sure to post (some...not all) the pictures soon!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 2

So...whatever. I quit quitting. I should have listened to Laura early on. Dealing with the obsession is so much easier than the withdrawals. I've taken a good, hard look at my issue and have decided to embrace it!!

I'm off to see Edward again tonight. 8pm. And I'm so excited!! *insert high pitched squeaky voice here* I cannot wait to see it again! You'd think after the fourth time I will be fulfilled, but I also thought that about the second and third time.

See you in a few short hours my dear!!

Monday, November 24, 2008 1

..the day started off okay. although edward's beautiful face lingered in the back of my mind, an early dr. appt for chase kept me busy, followed by lunch with my husband. (an admittedly amazing mortal). i came home to take a nap with chase. one quick glance at my desktop pic changed it all. i've been on here for about an hour. back on youtube...even thought about how/when i could see the movie again....sigh....

i changed my desktop to a family picture. i'm going to take a nap and sleep it off. laura was right...this is harder than i thought it would be.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stars in my eyes.....

My name is Jessica, and I am an Edwardaholic. It's an addiction. It's not healthy, and it needs to stop!

"It's just a's just a movie..."

I have been trying to be rational. I've repeated this line in my head several dozen times. I went Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to see it. I think about it all the time. I listen to the cd over and over. Each time I've seen it, I get the same ache in my stomach. I'm determined I've never seen a more beautiful man in my life. I've changed my MySpace layout, my song, my computer desktop, spent countless hours on youtube watching interviews with has to stop!

I need to snap out of it. Join the real world again. I've decided the only way I can do this is to go cold turkey. I won't go back to see the movie this week (even though I'm off ALL week for Thanksgiving break), the cd is put away, and I'm staying off my computer unless absolutely necessary. ( least off youtube!) I am going to attempt to read New Moon, but if things get bad again I will have to put it away until I am stronger. Edward, I have to quit you. If I don't do it now, I don't know if I will ever be able to. I need my sanity back!!

I will let you all know how the detox goes. Wish me luck...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


What a crazy few days. I am starting to realize that teaching is the hardest, greatest, most frustrating, most rewarding, most difficult, most natural, most stressful, most fulfilling job I will ever have in my life.

I can't even begin to explain what this week has been like for me. Even if I tried, and took up pages of explanation, I feel like I could never convey what it is like to walk a day in my shoes. I try to explain it to friends, and my husband. And while I can give every single detail of the day, I feel like no one will ever really understand what I am feeling. I don't want that to sound like a bad thing, or like it's anyone's fault for not understanding, but it's just something that has to be experienced to fully understand.

I remember when I was a student in elementary school and being the teacher just seemed so easy. I don't know if it was easier in the past, or I just didn't have the right view of it. Maybe it's a combination of both. Maybe it's the socioeconomic status of the school I'm in that's making the difference. I certainly don't remember going to school with kid's whose parents didn't feed them or give them clean clothes on a daily basis. Maybe that's the difference. Maybe times have just changed that much....

I keep asking myself..."Is it supposed to be this hard??" I know it's a cliche thing to hear from a teacher..."I don't get paid enough" and "This is the most stressful job ever", but those two things couldn't be more true this week. Please if you ever hear this coming from a teacher do me one favor. Believe it!! I come home at the end of the day and want to crumble into a ball on my bed and sleep.

Any given day of the week I deal with parents, co teachers, Special Ed teachers, administration, scheduling conflicts, behavior checklists, committee meetings, professional development classes and the work that comes along with them, RTI meetings, instructional meetings, faculty meetings, grade level planning, head lice, fights on the playground, grading papers, checking agendas, organizing field trips, IEP meetings, attendance reports, home visits, christmas tree decorating contests, letters to the troops, PTO meetings, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.....wait. I'm SUPPOSED to be teaching kids, right?? That's my job, to teach these kids, but juggling all those things I mentioned (plus those things I forgot) and still trying to give the kids all I've got is a balance I'm still learning to have. I never imagined all of the baggage that comes along with teaching children.

Does is sound like I'm complaining? Well...maybe I am. But I don't mean to be. I just really need another person to understand what my days are like, and that's pretty hard. I just really need another person to help me understand that what I am doing is impacting these children in a positive way. I love my job. I never want to do anything else except teach. And some days I walk away with a smile on my face and a confidence that I've got it all together and things are better than I ever could have imagined. Today I'm tired. I'm pushing as hard as I can on a wall that is moving inch by inch and it's exhausting. The good part is, deep down, I still feel like the rest of this year will fly by just as fast as the first 4 months did, and when it does, I'm going to smile and wave goodbye to my fourth grade babies and know they are better, smarter children because of me. And THAT's why I get up everyday and go back. That's why I will continue to give my babies all that I've got....

p.s. one more day until thanksgiving break!! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 2nd anniversary with Wes! I was going through some old cards and keepsakes that Wes has when I came across a list of the top 100 reasons why I love him. I gave this list to him right after we got married. As I read through the list I felt like the luckiest woman alive because two years later all of these things are still true, and I know 50 years from now they still will be....

1.You take care of me and Chase.
2.You are genuine.
3.You have a huge heart.
4.You are honest.
5.You make me laugh.
6.You love my hugs and kisses.
7.You force me to open up.
8.You care about how I feel.
9.You have an amazing faith.
10.You have beautiful eyes.
11.You take care of me when I'm sick.
12.You always consider my feelings.
13.You love my ass ;)
15.You keep me calm.
16.You pray with me.
17.You help me see God.
18.You are understanding.
19.You are smart.
20.You have wonderful "did you knows..."
21.You let me sleep in.
22.You watch Rachel Ray with me.
23.Your smile goes all the way to your eyes.
24.You are an uber dancer.
25.You teach me words like 'uber'.
26.You are low maintenance.
27.You are the best friend I've ever had.
28.You drive the speed limit.
29.You have great hands.
30.You keep me balanced.
31.You laugh at my jokes.
33.You love my cooking.
34.You let me drive.
35.You always support me.
36.You make me feel like we are a team.
37.You take me on dates.
38.You buy me flowers.
39.You write me love notes.
40.You love camping.
41.You want me forever.
43.You grow with me everyday.
44.You are dependable.
45.You make me feel 'home' anywhere.
46.You swim in the ocean with me.
47.You make me want to be a better person.
48.You have an unique style.
49.You play the bass.
50.You pop my toes.
51.You cuddle with me.
52.You teach me lyrics to Bob Marley songs.
53.You teach me about Magic.
54.You keep all my secrets.
55.You don't judge me.
56.You are a fabulous singer.
57.You have patience with me.
58.You don't get jealous.
59.You don't try to control me.
60.You always listen to me.
61.You have goals for us.
63.You make me feel like a woman.
64.You make me proud to be your wife.
65.You buy me chocolate.
66.You look sexy in blue.
67.You love my body.
68.You take me on vacations.
69.You are trustworthy.
70.You love cookies.
71.You made me watch LOTR.
72.You give amazing massages.
73.You want to make me happy.
75.You play with our son.
76.You need to feel love.
77.You love affection.
78.You let me have control sometimes.
79.You accept my family.
80.You are laid back.
81.You secretly enjoy my lists.
82.You gave me your last name.
83.You sing with me.
84.You let me vent.
85.You show your emotions.
86.You are willing to work for things.
87.You are not obsessed with football.
88.You are affectionate.
89.You appreciate me.
90.You have sloppy handwriting.
91.You need stability.
92.You like to fix things.
93.You are mild mannered.
94.You love chicken.
95.You are vulnerable.
96.You respect women.
97.You don't like fighting.
98.You are an amazing father.
99.You make me feel secure.
100.You said "I Do!"

Happy Anniversary Wes!! I love your stinkin' guts!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A question of love....

"This is the only world we have...and the other guy counts, too"

This is worthy of sharing. So beautifully said; he puts the MAN in Olbermann!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sick and yucky....

This is what I feel like today. I dragged myself to school this morning and survived the day....barely. I hate how you feel fine one day and wake up feeling like HELL the next. I'm all achy and my throat is killing me. I hope I am not getting strep throat! GUGHGHGHGHGH.....

I lined everything up for a sub when I left school today just in case I wake up in the morning feeling worse. Tonight I'm making this new recipe I maybe that will help me feel better.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And so I blog...

Lately it's been hard to keep up with this blog! Between MySpace and Facebook my social networking to do list has been full! I don't think anyone reads this who doesn't 'know' me on said social networks, so the task seems a bit redundant. I also ask myself a lot..."Who exactly am I talking to when I'm blogging?" Most of the people who read are in my daily lives so they know all my updates and stories. I guess I really need to remember to blog for ME! Although I do love my fans...all 6 of you! I thought about trying to point this blog in a more specific job?? friends? I need to just sit down every day or so and type about whatever comes to mind. So that's the plan....I am going to try to start blogging again. Consider this your warning! Boring, random tidbits headed your way!

Well for starters, I threw an AWESOME Halloween party at my house!! I don't even feel bad bragging about it because it was amazing. Here are some pics to prove it! These parties make me feel so lucky to have the most amazing friends. I also went out for a friend's Bachelorette party this weekend! I will post pics of that night soon, too!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Making history. Changing America.

With a positive attitude, a respect for both candidates, a hope for a better future not only for myself but for our children, a smile on my face, a love for this country, two closed ears to the negativity that this election brings out, a patience for ignorance, and a hunger for change, I post this video.

Yes we can.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Movie Tag!

Ok...I'm not great at these, but I was kinda tagged by Heather. I've been on Fall Break this week, aka 'not doing anything productive and being completely lazy' week. Heather had some great picks you should check out! There are a few that I share with her! Here are the ones I've decided to add.

In no particular order......

I absolutely love the theme music to Pirates of the Caribbean! The movies are amazing and let's face it, you hear that soundtrack and you know you're about to see two of the most beautiful men alive. You know you pretend you're Keira Knightly, too! Last year, I even dressed my family up as pirates for Halloween!!

A classic. I can't hear this song and not dance. I watched this movie TOO many times to remember growing up. Again, I watched it and pretended and I was Jennifer Grey! (See a reoccurring theme here?) There are several great songs to choose from, but this scene is my favorite!!

Since I'm going back to my childhood, I can't talk about movies without talking about this one.
I would intentionally leave a mess in the kitchen, just so I could reenact the last scene where Elizabeth Shue is frantically cleaning the kitchen. It's one of my favorite movies of ALL time, so this song has to make the list!

So this kind of random, but I really love this movie! George Clooney is just sexy, but this song is great! I have a soft spot for old 'banjo' country music. If you haven't seen it, Netflix it people!!

Ugh. Just looking this scene up to post on here has me in tears. This movie is a MUST SEE. I think I've seen it 4 times now, but I would watch it again in a heartbeat! You'll laugh and cry throughout the entire movie, and secretly wish you'd married an Irish man. You'll plan future trips to Ireland like I did with my best friend, and you'll go out and buy the movie so you can watch it over and over again. Quick...grab the tissues!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Karate Kid

Chase started karate this year, and he LOVES it! It is so cute and it makes me want to explode with pride. Here is a picture from his first tournament. He is normally pretty shy, but he got up in front of a room of about 200 people and did his 'Star Block Set'. He is the best. kid. ever.

When all else fails.....

Bribe us! That's my son's new motto. He is, as I assume most kids are, always bummed when it's bath time. It takes forever to get him in, and even longer to get out. Tonight, I overheard a conversation that made me laugh out loud.....

Wes: "Okay buddy...time to take a bath."


Chase: "Hooowwww abboouuuuttttt......" (pulls wallet out of back pocket) "I give you five dooollllarrsss....." (pulls a five out of his wallet and waves it around) "and I don't have to take a baaaaaath....??"

Wes didn't take the bait. Guess we're not that hard up for cash!! Nice try though!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My biggest issue....

In an internet full of 'who said what' and 'who said it was true' and 'who said it was false', I found this directly from Obama's website. I have remained objective...trying to whole heartedly see both sides. As an elementary school teacher, these few paragraphs solidified my vote in this election.

Click Here. Wow. Compare it to this? No thank you!

Obama - Biden

Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice move...I must say.

Well played McCain....

I have always called myself a Democrat, and really hoped Sen. Clinton would be our next leader. When it comes to politics in general, I assume that ignorance is bliss and continue with my back woods life. I have realized lately that I am letting one or two very personal, very strong moral beliefs decide my political party.

I am more invested in this presidential election than ever before. I want to try to educate myself as much as possible and not judge. Deep down I feel like they are all a bunch of crooks, but I want to learn as much as I can to make my vote count for me.

Today's news was the first that made my eye brow raise, and made me think harder about our future Commander in Chief.

If anyone has any good (legit) links to info...send them my way!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lesson for the day...

Being a new teacher is stressful. I have learned in the past two weeks that I am making this job so much harder on myself than it has to be. Day by day though, I feel like I am slowly finding my way and becoming a decent teacher. It's so much more work than I imagined (I thought school was tough). It's 80% less glamorous and 80% more work than I ever thought.

On to more positive things. Lets have a problem:solution lesson.....

1. Problem: I need to make a LOT of copies of things. Rubrics, graphic organizers, etc. I have been going in early/staying late to get all of these copies made. The two ladies on my grade level are awesome, so we always make copies to share. (75 copies). I have been going through paper like crazy and hogging the copier.

Solution: Volunteers!! I found a tray outside the office that had papers in it with sticky notes that said..."75 copies..." and the teacher's name. What what?? I investigated further...people will actually MAKE COPIES FOR YOU! How nice is that?? 30 minutes a day worth of nice. Who knew...

2. Problem: I need to laminate things. Multiplication drills, math centers, index cards for Concentration, etc. Now normally, I would be MORE than happy to laminate and cut things out. For some reason I really really enjoy it. Nowadays? I am running around in circles, so laminating has become tedious.

Solution: Volunteers!! I walk into the laminating room and someone stops me. "Do you need me to do that for you?" I have no idea why, but I can't help but feel this is supposed to be my responsibility "'s ok. I know you're probably busy", I said. "Nah...I actually don't have anything to do! I don't mind at all!" (reminder Jessica...they are VOLUNTEERS! This is what they do!) So I cave and hand her my stack. Less than 20 minutes later and my neatly laminated and cut out pile is on my desk! YAAAAYY!! Volunteers are awesome.

3. Problem: We have a very big playground. I'm yelling everyday for kids to slide on their bottoms, don't play in the creek....blah blah.

Solution: A whistle.

4. Problem: I feel like this career has taken over my life. I work from 7:30 to at least 5:00 everyday, pick up Chase from karate, homework, dinner, bath...then back to the computer room for at least 2 more hours to work. I haven't taken the first picture of my family, blogged about anything lately besides my classroom, and can't seem to talk about anything else. I am so ready to feel like the old me again.

Solution: Well....the bottle of wine and bath salts I got for my birthday helped for a few nights...but I'm hoping the permanent solution will work itself out. (I'm sure it will have something to do with realizing that asking for help does not equal weakness, and to STOP making to do lists....) :(

Back in the real world, Chase is loving first grade. He also started karate! It is so cute to see him doing his 'moves' and I am SO glad he loves it. This weekend will also be nice. Wes is turning 30! so hopefully we can find a way to relax together as a family and enjoy it. Oh...and wanna see the cutest thing in the world? Wanna see what I look at when I need a smile?? Click Here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've taken a leave of absence....

from my blog. :( I still hop on every once in a while to read some of my favorite bloggers, but I have not had the time/energy to put together anything interesting to share. Any ideas why??

This is where I have been either mentally, physically, and usually both.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bye Bye Summer...

The panic attack I had in my classroom last week, induced by the amount of work I still have to do, quickly reminded me that summer is over. :( And that makes me sad.

I have had such an amazing summer at home with my boy. We've spent days on the road, in the sun, in the water, and on the couch. He's super excited to be going into the first grade and I'm excited/anxious about starting my first year teaching. I know when school starts we will go back to our strict, homework, dinner, bath, book, prayers, bed. Chase (and Mommy) will thrive off of this routine and our relaxing days together will be long gone. In an effort to try to remember and say goodbye to this awesome summer, I made a list of 5 things that made this summer amazing....

1. The Water! We went to a local park with a few slides twice, went to White Water and ran around like I was a kid again, and spent countless day in the pool throwing Chase and watching him almost grow gills. He is more tan than I've ever seen him and he's such a great swimmer! With the summers in GA, we may be able to continue this on the weekends until Halloween!!

2. My pink bandanna. See number 1? The water led to several days of no makeup and letting my hair air dry. It was great to be able to wake up, throw the bandanna on and be done!

3. Parties. And lots of them! We had parties at the Worthans for Memorial Day and July 4th. We also had a great birthday party for Chase. (All of these also included #1). (And probably #2)! We played and swam and drank with friends. The pool is starting to be filled more with children than adults and I love it!

4. The Bachelorette. This season was great! Heather and I had a date night once a week and became fascinated by the amount of weirdos and romeos on this show. It was a fun way to have some adult time during our week, and Heather always had a late night snack for us!

5. School Supplies. This includes, but is not limited to, teacher websites, forums, blogs, professional development classes, classroom management books, lesson plans, frantic phone calls to Heather E., online shopping for supplies, TONS of to do lists...etc. I know this is supposed to be my summer vacation, but I couldn't help being drawn to every office/school supply in WalMart or online. I've made countless lists and watched the pile in my office grow until there was no room left (and I banned myself from all things school supplies related). The pile was a constant reminder that this wonderful summer is going to come to a screeching halt very, very soon.

Well. As of yesterday the pile is gone. Everything has been moved to my classroom and the pile was replaced by a computer and a small desk for Chase. I used to stare at that pile and get so anxious waiting for the day that it would be gone and in my classroom. Honestly, it's even more depressing with it gone. Summer is officially over. New Teacher orientation is tomorrow. Preplanning is next week. First day of school the next. This is what I have been waiting for, right? But I still can't help but feel sad to say goodbye to an awesome summer. Hopefully once I FINALLY get into my classroom (janitors...floors...DON'T ask.) I will get my mojo back and it will be an amazing school year.

Until then...I still have today. :) Maybe I'll throw on my pink banadana and play in the water with my boy!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I read this 500 page book in under 24 hours. Once I got 100 pages in I was hooked. It is a very easy read, but there were times during the book when my heart raced and I couldn't turn the page fast enough. It has given me some much needed distraction over the weekend as I wait for this crazy, busy week to start. Only two weeks until the first day of school! Good thing I picked up the next book in the series to dive into when things get crazy this week!

If you haven't read this book, you should sink your teeth into it as soon as possible!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

After pictures!

So the past week or so has been a little busy. I have been starting to freak out and prepare for my classroom, that I STILL have not been inside of since the before pictures, but I've been able to get a ton of work done from home! bookshelves!! Remember these??? Well...ugly, awful bookshelves have been turned into THESE! My very
pregnant Heather
came over to help! I love them!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A great start to the holiday weekend...

Tonight I met a few of the women I went to school with for so long. When it comes to Mercer, we've been through it ALL together, and I'm honestly not sure I would have stuck it out if I didn't have these girls to lean on! We've come so far together, and still sat at the table tonight shocked, saying "Can you believe it?? We are actually teachers!" :)

I wish we could get together more often, but I'm so thankful to have a dinner out with them every few weeks. Kristen made us the CUTEST wooden blocks personalized with "Mrs. Addison's Class" to hang from our door. She even matched the themes of our classrooms! Adorable!!

As the next few weeks fly by and I get closer and closer to the first day of school, I know I will be making daily phone calls to these girls. I feel like they truly understand my anxiety and excitement and I can't wait until we can get together again! You girls ROCK!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MORE before pictures!

I realized I have all of these 'before' pictures! I have a lot of work to do to meet all of these 'after' expectations I'm setting! Pre-planning is right around the corner, and I found out that I'm locked out of the school the rest of this week and next week too! I'm trying not to stress and think about all the work I have to do in that classroom (yeah, it still looks the same as though before classroom pictures a few posts back).

So my classroom came equipped with three very old, very thickly painted bookshelves. There is no telling how long these shelves have looked this way, but I really couldn't stand it! So here are the 'before' pictures. The shelves had to be sanded, then primed, then painted. Then hopefully the fabulous and artistic Heatherbean came come over here and add some detailing before she easily and painlessly spits that baby out!! (Using The Secret Heather!!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Big Boy...

Chase turned 6 years old one week ago today. I know it's crazy, but I really think he looks different as a 6 year old than he did the week before when he was 5. I told him so too, the morning of his birthday...

Me: "Chase! You look 6 already! How are you getting so big?"

Chase: (bummed) "I dunno...I know I'm 6, but I still feel 5."

Me: "Maybe it'll take a few days..."

A few days later he came up to me and said, "I don't feel like I'm 5 anymore! I can tell I'm 6!" He's getting SO tall and lanky and growing up way too fast. We've had an amazing summer at home together, and I am so thankful that I am going to have summers like this with him for a long time. We had a pool party for his birthday and friends and family came to celebrate. We had great food and a great time! Happy Birthday Big Boy!...(p.s. you'll always be my baby)

Friday, June 27, 2008

And so it begins...

These are officially my 'before' pictures of the room I will spend most of the next year in. There is so much to do! My room also came with three very old, very dirty, very thickly painted bookshelves. I have some before pictures of those I will post soon. It's an old building, but I'm hoping that after I'm finished with it old will = character. :) Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Charlotte on Sex and The City says a person gets two great loves in their lives. I'm lucky enough to be 25 years old and have already met my quota. My adult loves have been my husband, and my Heather.

Heather and I have souls that fit together like puzzle pieces. We go together like...

Thelma and Louise

Laverne & Shirley

Peanut Butter & Jelly

I have known Heather since I was 17 years old and she was 19. We were just a couple of kids working at a restaurant that would give us memories that still make us smile today. It was during those times that I learned the basics about Heather. She loved music, she loved having fun, she hates her (beautiful) hair, and she tells you what you need to hear even when you really don't want to hear it.

I made so many mistakes and bad choices back in those days, and Heather was always there to swoop in and save me. Even when we both knew that I knew better, she would be there to pick me up in the rain and tell me I deserved better. We also had nights that were filled with fun and laughter. Knocking on old lady's doors on accident and staying up all night long talking. Going to work on no sleep and making up songs while we poured ranch dressing. We worked all morning to have money to spend that night. We bought matching leather pants (her's blue, mine red) and matching flower tattoos. We smoked cigarettes and ate whatever we wanted. We were an unstoppable duo.

Then came what I call 'the breakup'. For a year or so, we just didn't talk. My consistently bad choices helped in pushing her away, and her drive to make a struggling relationship work pulled her away. During that time I got pregnant and gave birth to Chase. We ended up reconnecting in a WalMart of all places, and I met her new fiance: Adam. I was asked to be in their wedding, and was ironically matched to walk down the aisle with a groomsman named Wesley. :)

Heather helped me find the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship and start believe what she had been telling me all along: that I really did deserve all the happiness this life had to offer. Heather has a way of making life seem like a fairytale, and one of the best things I've learned from being in her life is that if you think like she does, your life soon becomes a fairytale.

Since those 'good ole days' life has changed in some ways, and in other ways it's stayed the same. We're both happily married now, to men who make us laugh and support us and love us with all they have. Our husbands are best friends and we live right around the corner from each other. Since those 'good ole days' we've had to grow up a lot. We've trashed the cigarettes, boxed up the leather pants, but still eat whatever we want. (Probably the only reason we boxed up the leather pants!) We can't stay out drinking all night and sleep all day, and we usually don't let the laundry pile up to our ears anymore. But we're wives. And we're mommies. And those parts of us bring rewards far greater than any hangover.

Heather has always been there to pick me up when I fall down. When my dad died, she was there. Not to say "it's going to be ok" or "I know how you feel", but to say "it just f*%@!ng sucks, and I'm here for you". She asked the questions that she knew I was thinking. We've cried together and laughed until we've cried together. We've thrown parties that we sweated over until the last minute, then plopped down in something cute to act like it was just 'a little something we threw together'.

Heather knows more about me than any other human on this planet. And she loves me for all of it. The good and the bad. She is accepting, open minded, and loves unconditionally. She sincerely wants everyone to know love and happiness. She is braver than she gives herself credit for. She is my cheerleader when I need a pick me up, and my diary when I need to vent. She's my support system when I'm stressed, and my voice of reason when I'm being irrational. She's artistic and talented in ways she doesn't even realize. She's an amazing mother, and I could never explain how lucky I feel to have her in my life. We've been best friends for almost 10 years now, and I can't wait to see what memories the next 50 years bring. So here's to more memories, more babies, more laughs, more tears, more vacations, more love, and to fitting back into those leather pants of ours! Ok...maybe not the pants part. Heather...I love yousa. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun at the Water Park!!

Today was so much fun!!! Me, Chase, Heather, Charlie, Catherine, Owen, Laurie, Maya, Ellie, and Mary went to High Falls Water Park! It's a pretty small 'park' but it's close and cheap and the kids (and adults) had SO much fun!! We got there early and were able to snag a good spot for the day! Chase and I slid and slid and he finally got the courage (ok..I finally got the courage to let him) to go by himself!

It was just the perfect day. Great girlfriends, great kids, and great fun in the water. I am so lucky to have that group of people in my life. And it was a great way to start off Chase's birthday weekend. He turns 6 years old tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly he's growing up. We're having a grill out at my mom's pool tomorrow, so let the water fun continue!!