Friday, October 17, 2008

Making history. Changing America.

With a positive attitude, a respect for both candidates, a hope for a better future not only for myself but for our children, a smile on my face, a love for this country, two closed ears to the negativity that this election brings out, a patience for ignorance, and a hunger for change, I post this video.

Yes we can.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Movie Tag!

Ok...I'm not great at these, but I was kinda tagged by Heather. I've been on Fall Break this week, aka 'not doing anything productive and being completely lazy' week. Heather had some great picks you should check out! There are a few that I share with her! Here are the ones I've decided to add.

In no particular order......

I absolutely love the theme music to Pirates of the Caribbean! The movies are amazing and let's face it, you hear that soundtrack and you know you're about to see two of the most beautiful men alive. You know you pretend you're Keira Knightly, too! Last year, I even dressed my family up as pirates for Halloween!!

A classic. I can't hear this song and not dance. I watched this movie TOO many times to remember growing up. Again, I watched it and pretended and I was Jennifer Grey! (See a reoccurring theme here?) There are several great songs to choose from, but this scene is my favorite!!

Since I'm going back to my childhood, I can't talk about movies without talking about this one.
I would intentionally leave a mess in the kitchen, just so I could reenact the last scene where Elizabeth Shue is frantically cleaning the kitchen. It's one of my favorite movies of ALL time, so this song has to make the list!

So this kind of random, but I really love this movie! George Clooney is just sexy, but this song is great! I have a soft spot for old 'banjo' country music. If you haven't seen it, Netflix it people!!

Ugh. Just looking this scene up to post on here has me in tears. This movie is a MUST SEE. I think I've seen it 4 times now, but I would watch it again in a heartbeat! You'll laugh and cry throughout the entire movie, and secretly wish you'd married an Irish man. You'll plan future trips to Ireland like I did with my best friend, and you'll go out and buy the movie so you can watch it over and over again. Quick...grab the tissues!