Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Nose?

I really really really want to pierce my nose. I'vI want a small diamond stud just like this one. I've always kinda wanted to, but for some reason today...I just really need to. It's small and cute and I know I would LOVE it. Hmm...dress code at work doesn't exactly allow for it....buuuuut. sigh. Maybe they won't notice??

I want one!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

ok ok...let's try this again.

blogging that is. not necessarily to entertain or inform the .8 readers out there...sort of just to get it out of my head. :)

i never did blog about new years eve. or post pictures. but it was fun! promise. if you were there, you know how awesome it was. if you weren't, you missed a good one! even with the 'vomitpalooza' situations.

picking up from this weekend. fun times!! life's kinda been one big ol' party since the new year started...and i'm kinda digging that! i did some dancing friday night with some awesome friends, and also got to see a show in atlanta saturday night. liz rode up there with us to see jay bang on the drums and i can honestly say it rocked my face off! (i'm gonna borrow that...mkay?) last night the drum banging continued...only this time on jay's rockband drums. we also played around with liz's wiifit. it was the first time i'd played with one but it was FUN! heather...we need to get one for your house!

today is mlk day. chase and i are both out of school, and as you can see from my last paragraph i could use some rest. chase was with his dad this weekend so we're gonna chillax together and i'm gonna try to get some housework done. so far i've failed at the second part...but i'm hoping to find some motivation soon. it just seems like a good day to lay on the couch and be introspective. :)