Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spoiled rotten Christmas!

Merry Christmas! technically today is New Year's Eve, but it's never too late to blog about Christmas, right? We have had an amazing week and a half at home! I have two NICE LONG weeks off from work and sometimes I even forget that I even have a classroom waiting for me to go back to next week! It's been so nice to just rest and relax and have a little FUN! Chase and I have stayed in our pj's until pm hours and and stayed up waaayyy too late! We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom's and everyone was very nice. :) Christmas day was shared with the in-laws, Chase's dad, and playing games with friends. Chase got everything he asked for from Santa and then some. Wes and I felt a twinge of sadness while we were putting out his presents, knowing that it wouldn't take many more Christmases before the magic of Santa is gone. Hopefully by then there will be another little person around to play Santa for and Chase can even be in on the game. :)

So I made it through another Christmas! Everyone I love is happy and healthy and I could not ask for more than that. My dad's physical absence was not as present as it's been in the past, and I think we're all finding our new normal without him. Remembering him in the silly things he used to say or do, and sharing our laughs and smiles when one of us remembers a funny story from the past. Now even though I had a great Christmas, I was still ready to the S%&T out of here as soon as the holiday was over! Now my house is back to normal. Rooms are cleaned and organized and new toys and clothes are put away. All the laundry is done and supplies have been gathered for the BEST party of the year! We are having a New Year's Eve party here in our garage! All of our friends are coming and Heather and I have been in planning mode for a few weeks now. My masks came yesterday and they are going to put the finishing touches on our Masquerade themed bash! I can't wait to ring in the new year with my friends tonight and I'll be sure to post (some...not all) the pictures soon!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!