Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 2nd anniversary with Wes! I was going through some old cards and keepsakes that Wes has when I came across a list of the top 100 reasons why I love him. I gave this list to him right after we got married. As I read through the list I felt like the luckiest woman alive because two years later all of these things are still true, and I know 50 years from now they still will be....

1.You take care of me and Chase.
2.You are genuine.
3.You have a huge heart.
4.You are honest.
5.You make me laugh.
6.You love my hugs and kisses.
7.You force me to open up.
8.You care about how I feel.
9.You have an amazing faith.
10.You have beautiful eyes.
11.You take care of me when I'm sick.
12.You always consider my feelings.
13.You love my ass ;)
15.You keep me calm.
16.You pray with me.
17.You help me see God.
18.You are understanding.
19.You are smart.
20.You have wonderful "did you knows..."
21.You let me sleep in.
22.You watch Rachel Ray with me.
23.Your smile goes all the way to your eyes.
24.You are an uber dancer.
25.You teach me words like 'uber'.
26.You are low maintenance.
27.You are the best friend I've ever had.
28.You drive the speed limit.
29.You have great hands.
30.You keep me balanced.
31.You laugh at my jokes.
33.You love my cooking.
34.You let me drive.
35.You always support me.
36.You make me feel like we are a team.
37.You take me on dates.
38.You buy me flowers.
39.You write me love notes.
40.You love camping.
41.You want me forever.
43.You grow with me everyday.
44.You are dependable.
45.You make me feel 'home' anywhere.
46.You swim in the ocean with me.
47.You make me want to be a better person.
48.You have an unique style.
49.You play the bass.
50.You pop my toes.
51.You cuddle with me.
52.You teach me lyrics to Bob Marley songs.
53.You teach me about Magic.
54.You keep all my secrets.
55.You don't judge me.
56.You are a fabulous singer.
57.You have patience with me.
58.You don't get jealous.
59.You don't try to control me.
60.You always listen to me.
61.You have goals for us.
63.You make me feel like a woman.
64.You make me proud to be your wife.
65.You buy me chocolate.
66.You look sexy in blue.
67.You love my body.
68.You take me on vacations.
69.You are trustworthy.
70.You love cookies.
71.You made me watch LOTR.
72.You give amazing massages.
73.You want to make me happy.
75.You play with our son.
76.You need to feel love.
77.You love affection.
78.You let me have control sometimes.
79.You accept my family.
80.You are laid back.
81.You secretly enjoy my lists.
82.You gave me your last name.
83.You sing with me.
84.You let me vent.
85.You show your emotions.
86.You are willing to work for things.
87.You are not obsessed with football.
88.You are affectionate.
89.You appreciate me.
90.You have sloppy handwriting.
91.You need stability.
92.You like to fix things.
93.You are mild mannered.
94.You love chicken.
95.You are vulnerable.
96.You respect women.
97.You don't like fighting.
98.You are an amazing father.
99.You make me feel secure.
100.You said "I Do!"

Happy Anniversary Wes!! I love your stinkin' guts!!


Heather & Adam said...

This is so sweet. You guys are the best couple, and I am SO LUCKY to have you both as our besties.
Happy Anny!

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

Too Cute! I love you guys!

J-Mac said...

YAY!! I'm so glad that you two found each other.LOVES!