Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lesson for the day...

Being a new teacher is stressful. I have learned in the past two weeks that I am making this job so much harder on myself than it has to be. Day by day though, I feel like I am slowly finding my way and becoming a decent teacher. It's so much more work than I imagined (I thought school was tough). It's 80% less glamorous and 80% more work than I ever thought.

On to more positive things. Lets have a problem:solution lesson.....

1. Problem: I need to make a LOT of copies of things. Rubrics, graphic organizers, etc. I have been going in early/staying late to get all of these copies made. The two ladies on my grade level are awesome, so we always make copies to share. (75 copies). I have been going through paper like crazy and hogging the copier.

Solution: Volunteers!! I found a tray outside the office that had papers in it with sticky notes that said..."75 copies..." and the teacher's name. What what?? I investigated further...people will actually MAKE COPIES FOR YOU! How nice is that?? 30 minutes a day worth of nice. Who knew...

2. Problem: I need to laminate things. Multiplication drills, math centers, index cards for Concentration, etc. Now normally, I would be MORE than happy to laminate and cut things out. For some reason I really really enjoy it. Nowadays? I am running around in circles, so laminating has become tedious.

Solution: Volunteers!! I walk into the laminating room and someone stops me. "Do you need me to do that for you?" I have no idea why, but I can't help but feel this is supposed to be my responsibility "'s ok. I know you're probably busy", I said. "Nah...I actually don't have anything to do! I don't mind at all!" (reminder Jessica...they are VOLUNTEERS! This is what they do!) So I cave and hand her my stack. Less than 20 minutes later and my neatly laminated and cut out pile is on my desk! YAAAAYY!! Volunteers are awesome.

3. Problem: We have a very big playground. I'm yelling everyday for kids to slide on their bottoms, don't play in the creek....blah blah.

Solution: A whistle.

4. Problem: I feel like this career has taken over my life. I work from 7:30 to at least 5:00 everyday, pick up Chase from karate, homework, dinner, bath...then back to the computer room for at least 2 more hours to work. I haven't taken the first picture of my family, blogged about anything lately besides my classroom, and can't seem to talk about anything else. I am so ready to feel like the old me again.

Solution: Well....the bottle of wine and bath salts I got for my birthday helped for a few nights...but I'm hoping the permanent solution will work itself out. (I'm sure it will have something to do with realizing that asking for help does not equal weakness, and to STOP making to do lists....) :(

Back in the real world, Chase is loving first grade. He also started karate! It is so cute to see him doing his 'moves' and I am SO glad he loves it. This weekend will also be nice. Wes is turning 30! so hopefully we can find a way to relax together as a family and enjoy it. Oh...and wanna see the cutest thing in the world? Wanna see what I look at when I need a smile?? Click Here.


Becoming Kelly Wall said...

Hang in there girl, you are doing fine. As far as the whistle, all I see is Mr. Kimble in Kindergarden Cop. Ha ha!!

Heather & Adam said...

I am so coming to recess to see that whistle in action! I love that you are finding your groove as a teacher. Experience is the only thing that will really really get you there, and it's already happening! I'm ready to put both of our labor and deliveries behind us and get on with life...with a new paycheck and a cute baby! Love yousa!

Catherine said...

I know exactly how you feel. And I think it stayed like for me for a long while...atleast through the first year. It is difficult to find that pattern you need while also creating new lessons. It feels never ending but I promise that now I feel like my teaching doesn't overwhelm my life and I am pretty sure I have felt like that for the past several years.

The first two years are the worst but it will get better.