Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Wes!!

Today is Wes' 29th birthday! Unfortunately he had to work~but lucky for me I didn't! I took advantage of the situation and threw a tiny little party for him. I 'slaved' over the stove cooking his favorite gourmet meal; chicken tenders, yellow rice, green beans, and crescent rolls! (..My sweet...simple minded husband!) Well...I can't take credit for the green beans, his mom brought those. We ended up having a really nice time though! My mom was planning on coming but she's out of town at a conference for work. Wes' parents and sister were there and Heather came by too! Poor Adam had to stay and work on the cabin so he missed out on some good food! Chase also got to play with Summer's kids so we had a full house for a while! After school Chase helped me put some streamers and balloons up so the kitchen and dining room looked pretty good. We topped the night off with cake and ice cream. It was low key, but perfect. :)

Tomorrow I am taking baby steps back to the real world. :( I have to go to a substitute teacher orientation at the elementary school. Hopefully I'll find out how everything works and I'll be able to work a few days next week. Maybe I'll get lucky and run into a familiar face...

Here are some pics from the birthday dinner! Thanks to everyone that came!!

Maybe Chase and I should start our own cake decorating business??

The Addisons!

Chase and the boys being silly!

My Sweet Birthday Boy!!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday Baby!! Next year is the big "3- *ahem*...well...Happy 29th Birthday!!!

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