Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm still here!!

Hello world of bloggers!! I miss you so! I wish I had something new and exciting to blog about, but the truth is school is consuming my life right now. Some days I feel like I'm stuck in a basement and the rest of the world is moving on without me. I'm hoping soon I'll be rewarded for all of it and I can go back to my life! I will be out for Spring Break in just three short weeks. During the break Heather's family, Cat's family, and my family are going to a cabin in the mountains!! I can NOT wait. We're going to hike and fish and grill out and play with our boys and RELAX! I hope we have great weather. Not only will we be together during Spring Break, we have our monthly Ab Phab outing this Friday!! I'm in desperate need for some girl time so I'm pretty stoked about that, too!

No news in the job department yet. I have handed out my resume to several people and had an interview with an elementary school one county over. I have worried myself (and my poor husband) sick wondering where I'll lay my grade book next year. I'm trying to stay positive, put my face and resume out there, and stay confident that I will end up in the best place for myself and my future students. Some days are easier than others. :)

In the meantime, my husband showed me a hilarious website. Sometimes when it feels like I've been at this dang computer for hours, I go to it for some mindless humor. Here is one of the hundreds of pics. Check it out for a quick laugh!!

Humorous Pictures
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Heather & Adam said...

I love the new blogness!
And I just know you will get your dream job. I am so proud of you, and I cannot wait to have all those weeks of free time this summer. We are going to have some major fun to celebrate all this work and stress.
Vacay is so soon! Is it time to make lists yet???
Love yousa!

Laura said...

Wow, love the new banner on your page.

Catherine and Dustin said...

You will get through all this school work! Trust me I know how it is....seemingly eternal, but then one day you are done and you feel as light as a feather. As far as work for next year, I am sure with the teacher shortage you will have no problem finding work.

You can do it, just hang in there.