Monday, May 12, 2008


Just for one day though! Heather, Charlie, and myself are making a trip back up to Helen to take care of her car. Most people may not think that sounds like fun, but we have a good time wherever we go! Listening to music, singing, laughing, gossiping, playing with Charlie pants, and eating some delicious Helen lunch! I should be back just in time to pick up Chase from school. :)

I'm posting this at 8am, which is normally when I can't come up with more than three words that fit together in a sentence, but I slept ALL day yesterday! Most of it was a recovery from my graduation celebration weekend. I did get to see the moms in my life though. I got an awesome gift from my DH (a day at the spa) and the most special card from Chase complete with glitter and a "Thank you for making me so happy mommy". Sweet!! He said the "sprinkles" (glitter) was his favorite part. They were mine, too! Heather also got me Eat, Pray, Love. Has anyone read that yet? I've heard tons about it and kept making a mental note to buy it. Thanks Bean!

I am going to try to have some pictures up from this weekend. I had friends and decorations and graduation hats and cake and drinks and baskets full of fabulous teacher stuff and SUCH a good time. I really do have some amazing friends...

I hope all the moms out there had a special Mother's Day and everyone has a great week!!!

***Update: I didn't make it on the road trip today. Pictures from the celebration night are coming though! Graduation is only FOUR days away!!!!!!!!!!!!


Catherine and Dustin said...

Have fun!

Is that my photo on the top of your blog? I am pretty sure it is...if so cool!

Jess Addison said...

Thanks! I actually just found out that our little road trip is going to be postponed. :(

-My blog picture was actually one I took! It looks really similar to yours though. :)

Catherine and Dustin said...

They look the same! Weird!