Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Week of Fun!

It's been a crazy fun holiday weekend. It all started with a wedding I helped Catherine shoot on Saturday. The day went by super quick and I had a really good time! I have a few more weddings to do with her and I am looking forward to learning more from her in the next few weeks.

The following day was fun in the sun at my favorite place to party. Heather's parents' house! We had amazing food and Chase swam himself silly. Everyone came with their kids and the pool was packed! It is so interesting to see our group grow as more and more of us have children. I am so lucky to be a part of our amazing group of family and friends.

My weekend didn't end there. Monday we recovered and laid around the pool relaxing, then Tuesday night Wes and I went to see Natasha Bedingfield at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta! Her music holds a sentimental place in my relationship with my husband and the concert was SO much fun. We got there early enough to get pretty close and N.B. did NOT disappoint.

Think THAT was enough fun for a few days?? NAHH>....Wes was off work on Wednesday so he planned a last minute trip to Six Flags! We got up early and were lucky to have an overcast day. Most of the kids from the area were still in school so we rode EVERYTHING we wanted to...some twice! I did have to take a break half way through; I've gotten old I suppose and all those flips and turns had me spinning. But we finished the day off with one more ride on the Best Coaster Ever... GOLIATH!!!

It was so much fun running around acting like a kid with my husband. We laughed and yelled and played until we were just exhausted. We have to do that more often!!

Needless to say I spent today RESTING! And doing laundry...! Tonight it's off to tball with Chase then movie night with the girls!! We are going to watch P.S. I love you (this will be the third time for me, but believe me it's THAT good!!) Then we are getting a midnight sneak preview of SEX AND THE CITY!! I cannot explain how excited I am! Hopefully I can get some sleep after the movie because tomorrow morning my baby is graduating from Kindergarten!! I'm going to be a mess!

Here's to finally enjoying my summer!!!!!!!!

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