Thursday, June 5, 2008


My favorite word of the week. FRICK!

I had a relaxing beginning to my week, and spent Tuesday at Stone Mountain with my future Beaverbrook Family. I came home happy and excited and ready for the next year. I woke up the following morning in the worst. pain. of. my. life.

It was paralyzing. I was stuck laying on my back turned to the right and I could not budge. When I did try to get up or move my head/neck, I would feel an 'electric surge' firing away in my neck and down my back. I am known for being a pretty tough gal, but I couldn't handle it. I was crying like a baby and freaking out. Luckily, my amazing husband stayed home to nurse me back to health. I am nowhere near back to normal, but it is at least bearable. I got some pain pills from my MIL that were helping for a while, but now just make me sick and also make me feel like I have ants crawling all over me. I've had two full days of heating pads, hot showers, and mindless television. I feel like my bedroom is my dungeon of darkness. It's so frustrating to feel like your days are just wasted. My poor hubby has also come down with a nasty cold, and my bff Heatherbean AND her Feke are also both sick. What is with this infirmary right at the beginning of summer? It's amazing how much I realize I take for granted when I'm sick. :(

Luckily, Chase is feeling great and has been so helpful with sick Mommy. I think the culmination of graduation from Kindergarten and turning 6 in a few weeks has him maturing right before my eyes. He has been so sweet, and just read the entire book Green Eggs and Ham to me. I know I'll get some much needed sleep tonight after a bedtime story like that!


Chatter said...

Yuck!! I really hope you get feeling better soon.

Frick rocks. I used it as "fricking" instead of the other word until my 2 year old started saying it and I had to tell him "that's a bad word". So anytime I use it now I get scolded by him. Go figure.

Catherine and Dustin said...

My favorite word as always is "dude"! hehe See you tomorrow!