Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

They just don't sell Father's Day card that are complicated enough to honor all the many men in my life. Well, Wes' dad got a typical card, because he's just a typical dad. :)

Wes is a step-dad, but he's so much more. He loves me and loves Chase more than I could explain in a blog. He takes care of us and deserves so much more than a Hallmark poem. He goes above and beyond the title of 'daddy'. I hope my words and actions let him know how much I love and appreciate him...

Chase's father is a whole separate issue. He is Chase's 'dad' by title, and that's all. He didn't get a card today. Once I realized I didn't get him a card from Chase (which I usually do) I wondered why. I realized I never once thought about it. I didn't intentionally leave him out, the thought just never crossed my mind. I also completely forgot about his birthday a few weeks ago (which Chase usually at least calls him on). It makes me wonder what his absence has caused Chase to forget about him.

I also really miss my dad today. Today isn't any harder than any other day, it's just more of a reminder. Today is one of those days that his absence is just so present. I tried to make today special for Wes, and not be sad all day. These holidays come and go and that's just what I want them to do. No need for dramatics in the middle of it's coming or going. Card shopping wasn't even that bad...even if it did take me 17.8 seconds to pick out three cards. :)

So I tried to live today as if it were any other day. I was extra sweet to my hubby, cooked his favorite things for dinner, and got him MST3K from Best Buy. Tomorrow is another day.

Give all your daddys an extra kiss from me today, and have a great week!


Gypsy said...

Awh, Gonna cry into my middle of the night ice cream. That was beautiful. I am so glad that you and Chase have made our sweet Wesley a daddy. If it was possible it made him just that much better. I do think we need to start on off shoot of Hallmark for cards for real dads. Mine generally get's a generic stupid card involving a dog. They just don't make a "Thanks for being totally absent from my childhood, although you're trying a little to redeem yourself card" sigh. It does make me appreciate the fact that my husband is 8000 times a better dad than mine ever was. I know it must be incredibly hard losing your dad so young, and I hurt for anyone who has to go through that. That's the terrible thing about totally loving someone. You give so much of your heart to someone, and you can never get it back. But I think in the end, the love is worth the heartache. Wow, never replied this much, usually the ADD kicks up. Thanks for posting this and I Loves my Wessica!

Heather & Adam said...

Great post, my love! I am so happy for you and Wes. Chase is a great kid, and you can tell he is so happy and so loved. He and Wes are as much a perfect match as you and Wes are!
I thought about you a lot yesterday and hugged my dad extra tight. Thanks for reminding me.
I love you.