Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Siblings...

My brother John and my sister Jackilyn. The three of us could tell some stories! My brother's birthday is coming up in a few days. He will be 29! I have the most vivid memories of us as children. I would pedal my bike as fast as I could to try to keep up with him. I tried playing Nintendo with my two fingers on the A B buttons instead of using my thumb...just like he did. Whatever he did and wherever he went...I wanted to be there too. I idolized him. He has a calm, old soul. He is rational and thinks everything through. We are opposites in that aspect. I cannot recall having one.single.fight with my brother. He is amazing and I am going to make sure he knows that more often.

My sister is 19. When I was 19, I moved out and got pregnant. The head she has on her shoulders is so much more steady than mine was at that age. She is stubborn as HELL and she's determined...we are similar in that aspect. :) She has dealt with more in her past few years than most teenagers should need to, but she's a stronger person for it. Anytime I think the memory of my dad is fading, I look at Jack and see him. In her appearance, her walk, her shoulders, her attitude, and her problem solving skills..(or lack thereof!) ;)

I miss my siblings terribly lately. They both live close, and we are having dinner Sunday. The 19th is quickly approaching us...togetherness is important. The best thing about family is not having to say a word and understanding the other person's life because it was your life too.

I'm starting a new journey in my life...and I want them both to be a huge part of it. I am looking forward to reconnecting. :)

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