Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's FanTAGstic!!

I've been tagged!! Although I'm pretty sure the only person who will read this is the person who tagged me, I'm going to play along anyway!! Drumroll pleaasee.....

Jobs I've held:

Cashier at Giant Mart
Bank Teller
CSR @ a lending company
Billing clerk at Bennett Motor Express
Full-time student ('s a job!)
Hopefully a teacher in a few months!!

Places I've lived:

Philadelphia, Penn.
Christmas, Florida
Zebulon, Georgia
Griffin, Georgia
Milner, Georgia

Foods I love:

I could be here all day! Let me try to narrow this down...

(so yeah...carbs, carbs, and um...more carbs)
Pretty much anything buffalo'ed
Peanut butter & jelly sammies
Condiments-aLOT of them...

Places I would rather be:

Camping in the mountains
In my first classroom
At a Worthan party with ALL of my friends and our kids!
On a beach

Movies I love:

The Notebook
Adventures in Babysitting
The Sword and the Stone
LOTR-all of them...
Harry Potter-all of them...
Any romantic comedy-no horror movies b/c I'm a wuss...
A movie I haven't seen yet, in a theater, with all my buds, bugging them to death about what happens next...

TV shows I watch:

Too Many!!
Ok...I could watch the Food Network, Bravo, TLC, or Lifetime all day, and sometimes do.
I miss Friends, Sex and the City, and The O.C.

Currently, I'm hooked on Heroes, The Biggest Loser (even though it makes me feel like CRAP), Chuck, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (that one's starting to become less of a priority though...), Survivor, The Hills, Rachael Ray, Oprah, and of course, 30 Minute Meals.

I just realized that is over 10 hours of television. I'm a loser.

Tag you are it:

Umm...yeah. If you are reading this, and you haven't been tagged, then you're it!!

(I have no new pics to share because I broke my camera :( )


Gypsy said...

Hey, I read your blog! And I am so ready for a Worthan party. LOVES-JMAC

Heather & Adam said...

I laughed at the part about you at the movies. So true. But you know we love ya! We need to start watching some TV together. Those 10 hours could be H and J time!