Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things are lookin' up!

I have been solo teaching this week. It has been absolutely wonderful and absolutely exhausting! I know I'm only standing, walking, and talking, but at the end of they day I'm just plain out pooped! Today I was observed by my University Supervisor and it went really well! One observation down and two to go. The next two will be 'drop ins', so cross your fingers we're doing something productive the next time he stops by! My last post about school was a little melodramatic, and since then things have not gotten much better, but my attitude and perspective have changed a ton. I've had two days of solo teaching and the students have learned about decimals, light, and explorers. We mapped out Columbus' explorations and searched the room for objects that were translucent, transparent, and opaque. I've been having so much fun with the kids and they are really responding to the material. These are the things that are keeping me positive and will help me survive the next few months. I'm putting applications in to three counties this week, and next week I'm going to a Teacher Recruitment Day. I would love, love, love to find a job in the county I'm currently in, so cross your fingers with me for that, too!

Oh...and my life OTHER than school. That's going great, too! I really love the feeling days like today give me. Days that are just normal and good and nothing 'great' and nothing 'awful' is going on. It makes me wish I could bottle up the happiness I have right now and save some for a later, inevitable bad day.

I hope everyone has a great week! Oh! I'm also anxiously waiting for my necklace to come! Cathy makes awesome jewelry and she made the perfect necklace for me!!


Heather & Adam said...

This is what I like to hear!
And with that suit we are gonna find you, they will be fighting for you!
I love you and I am so glad you are getting into the groove of it.
I laughed at your poop link too.

Chatter said...

I love the necklace you had made! It's awesome. Way to go Cathy!

Glad your observation went well :)

Gypsy said...

YAY! I want you to teach my kiddos. Hang in there chica, you're gonna kick some Education Butt!

cathy said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAK! No pressure! (just kidding) I mailed it Monday so hopefully you'll have something fun to open up any day now.

cathy said...

I am so happy you're pleased wth the necklace. Hope it brightens your day!