Sunday, March 22, 2009

Run 5

8 min walk
3 min run
3 min walk
3 min run
3 min walk
2 min run
8 min walk/pray I don't pass out....

How did that become so hard?? Maybe it was the heat. I was also running a total of 6 minutes before, and today went up to 8. I guess this isn't supposed to be easy. I always feel so great after though..(well..about 20 min. after). I learned a bit more about stretching today and I really need to make that part of my routine. Oh...and I found one of my 'power songs'. Killing in the name by Rage. It makes me angry and push through whatever hurts at the moment.

Today's plans are to go get a small grill and cook out with a few friends on the back deck. The new place is clean (pics soon) and I'm ready to just chill and eat and live here. I'll try to take some pics. This will be the first time I've ever operated or cooked off a grill on my it could get interesting!


Ben said...
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Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

Keep up the good work! You are totally going to be a runner in no time. I got motivated ans went for an hour walk. My butt is screaming. Thanks for the motivation for pain! ;)

Mike C. said...

The hot dogs were delicious! Thanks for inviting me out.

Heatherbean said...

You need to post cookout pics!