Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Run 6

I felt like I was a few inches from the edge today...I had visits and words of encouragement from friends, so that helped. Then tonight the Bells were going to the track with Mike. Enough is enough...get off the couch and out of this house. That thought turned into this...

Week 2 goal = met.

8 min walk
4 min run
4 min walk
4 min run
10 min walk

It hurt like hell but felt amazing at the same time. My sanity is slowly coming back. :) I'm going to continue this routine several more times this week then move on to my week 3 goal. This is part of an 8 week program...and I'm planning on getting one of these once I am halfway there and complete my week 4 goal.

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Unknown said...

Oooo! Is it the shoes with the music built in? Awesome!