Thursday, March 26, 2009

Run 7

8 min walk
4 min run
4 min walk
4 min run
10 min walk

Ouch. My calves hurt like a mother tonight. I am literally limping. I'm not sure if the running is catching up to me (haha) or I'm not stretching good enough before/after. It feels like someone's stabbing knives in them. Hopefully I can figure out what caused it and prevent this in the future...cause damn, my calves are mooin'. :(

One (or two) more run(s) on this week 2 goal and I'm ready to move on to week 3! I have a new running crew though, and that makes it even better! :)


Unknown said...

I'll be your faithful blog cheerleader! HA!

Mike C. said...

Walking / Running definitely makes me feel better. I'm glad to have folks to go with!

cathy said...

It will get better~~~ Keep stretching, ibuprofen, and keep your legs moving on your "off" days. Ice after exercise will help, too. But once you build those calf muscles up, they won't hurt much at all. I'm SO proud.

Chatter said...

No advice here. I hate running. Currently doing the workout video's. Good luck :)