Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Run 3

Back to the pavement today...with the company of my bestie. This go around was much easier than last time, so I'm hoping I create a pattern with that. I'm gonna go one or two more times on this routine then it's time to 'step' (tehee) it up a notch!


10 min walk
10 min alternating walk/run at 2 min. intervals
10 min walk

I felt really good after! I also got a phone call on the way home about a part time job every other Saturday at the Country Kitchen in Barnesville. "S'more sweet tea there shugah??" It's just gonna be a lil extra spending money, but Chase will be at his dad's so I think it's gonna be a good thing. Come down and see me! I'm starting this Saturday!!


whatever_heather said...

I think maybe the company helped. Heehee. I would like to go again if you want! It was fun. :) You are doing great!

Ben said...

Keep it up! Awesome about the job too. Things is lookin up!

Rachel B. said...

Keep up the great work sweets!!